Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This post has been recended due to a change of opinion. to those that have read what it previously said, things have changed... it happens

Sunday, August 21, 2005


So this weekend Corpus Christi played host to one of the first (if not THE first) anime/sci-fi conventions it has ever had.

I decided to attend it with Alisa, and actually had a pretty good time.

they had celebrities and cool collectables and stuff like that, it was pretty much your standard convention, but this was the first one I ever went to that had Celebrities. Alisa got Peter Mahew (Chewbacca) to sign her Star Wars Mailbag. I got an autographed print buy Margot Kidder.

James was at one point in time excited that Marina Sirtis was going to be there, but he opted to bail on the convention so that he could go and dig a ditch, I decided to be a nice guy and got her to sign a print for James. She wrote "James, Sorry I missed you. Marina Sirtis"

Later during the day Alisa and I were walking down the hall way and were quite surprised to come across Marina Sirtis sitting with her friend while she took a cigarette break. It caught both of us off guard to see her smoking, (didn't ever concieve that she could be a smoker) but even Alisa agreed that she looks very elegant holding a cigarette. Kinda the way women in the 1950's looked, you know before people knew how bad smoking was and a woman could actually look sexy while smoking.

Some of Alisa's friends forced me into entering a couple of the AMV's I made into an AMV contest (for those that dont know that would be Animated Music Video). As things stand right now I dont thing I have won, but if I learn otherwise I will let you know.

I entered in:
Dead or Alive XBV - David Lee Roth - California Girls
Resident Evil - Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

And finally, I managed to offload my bucket of G.I. Joe figures at the convention and got this in trade...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Way to much free time

I found this video of a guy playing quarters, you know... the dringing game where you bounce a quarter into a shotglass. well as the comment under the video says, THIS GUY PWNS


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

WoW character names

I was running around in the wetlands yesterday on World of Warcraft when I noticed that every alliance character I came across had horribly bad names, and I mean names like Taco (that could be funny if he got the honor rank of sergant). but then I came across these two and they just take the cake.

I do have to give them props for their guild name, I thought that was funny

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Das Keyboard

Ok, so while randomly searching the internet looking for stuff (you decide what) I came across a website selling a keyboard, not very unusual but it is the style of keyboard they we selling that I found interesting.

Das Keyboard

I would like to get one but $79.95 is a bit steep and I dont know if I trust my typing skills enough.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well worth the wait

Episode III Poster
On May 19th at 12:01 in the morning I was lucky enough to be in the movie theatre watching the Finale of the Star Wars Saga, "Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith". It was FANTASTIC. When "The Phantom Menace" was released I was fairly depressed with the results. "Attack of the Clones" was a severe upgrade from episode I but it was still no comparison to the originals. "Revenge of the Sith" makes up for everything, it had action, drama, and successfully ties the two trilogies together.

And the greatest thing about the movie, Jar Jar Binks says ONE word in the whole movie and the icing on the cake is that, the one word was "Sorry".

I only had one complaint about the movie, but I cant say what that was because it is still to early, not enough people have seen it yet and I dont want to ruin anything.

Go see Episode III, and if you already have, Go see it again.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Enterprise, The End

This past friday brought us the end of Star Trek Enterprise,these are my feelings toward the final episode.

I liked it. I felt it was a bit rushed but if it had been drawn out to two full hours I think it might have ended up being boreing. The way that they killed Trip and almost immediatly showed him again talking to Riker was a good way to kill a main character but still give the show rewatch value without feeling sad for him later.

let me make that a bit more clear, In the series finale of Angel they killed the main character of Wesely Windham Price. now when I watch the season 4 episodes that I have never seen all I can think when they show him is "your gonna die". I think the way that they killed Trip but at the same time didnt kill him means if I were to go back and re watch old eps of Enterprise I may not have that same "your gonna die" feeling.

and I will admit, when they did the whole "Space, The final frontieer..." bit and cycled thru Picard, Kirk, and Archer giving the speech, I teared up just a little.

Just one change that I would have made cuz it woulda been damn funny and I would have laughed ALOT would be if they had removed the Enterprise opening credits and replaced it with The Next Generations credits. I was sad when they didn't